BALI – perfectly disorganised

When you say BALIour first association is seaside, sunsets and beautiful beaches. If you want to go outside the resort, the reality is very different. I can say Bali is a country of contrast and perfectly disorganized. Side by side, you can see luxury resorts bordering slums where workers live. People of Bali are sometimes very kind and humble and sometimes very bold, especially when you are trying to buy something for a normal price. Also, all deals that you make will be held. At first you areƂ confused by the fact that you paid a lot for a transportation service and only got a piece of paper with a stamp saying “paid”.The traffic is similar, perfectly disorganised: lots of fast going motorcycles, crazy drivers and taxis that communicate only with their horn. In a sentence Bali is an island worth visiting. If you want to see perfect beaches and nature, and also smell the life of Asia, you should visit Bali.