The Street Musicians Festival was held for the first time in 2001. in Novi Sad (Serbia) Since then, the festival has been organized regularly each year, every September, under the same principles of street art adopted during its first year.

The festival does not only welcome artists whose street performances are their way of life, but authors who wish to assert their art through their desire and ambition.

The idea not to divide artists between street and established, arrives from our belief that art always belongs to the streets, regardless of the phase it is going through.

Thus, the Street Musicians Festival is the only event that brings together world class musicians, and absolute amateurs all to one place! Since the start of the millennium the capital of Vojvodina has emerged on the map of annual gathering of street art, and has been visited by renowned international street musicians, as well as artists who perform at other prestigious festivals across Europe, and beyond.

Thus, artists bring culture and the spirit of their native surroundings to the region, only to exchange it with the local population, and the artists they encounter, who truly appreciate street art. (more info on this LINK)